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Guest post: Chinese calligraphy—Shu fa

Our editor on Drawing Words & Writing Pictures is the multi-talented Mark Siegel. He’s the creator of Sailor Twain, and often posts interesting observations on art and craft. A few months back he posted a couple of times on the art of Chinese calligraphy, and as Matt and I were recently thinking about sumi ink Read More more

Drawing comics live demo: report

At a recent conference at the University of Iowa, I drew a six-panel comic in front of six 25-minute sessions of middle- and high-school kids, one panel at a time. It was a chance to talk naturally about the order of work, the materials needed, and to show all the behind-the-scenes action. more

Tools & techniques: the brush basin

Welcome to the first iteration of a regular feature, Tools & techniques. We’ll periodically post about tools and techniques of the cartooning trade here, illustrated with drawings, photos, and video. Our topic today is a handy studio item that is essential if you ink with a brush: the brush basin. Let Matt take you on a quick video tour after the jump. more

Student guide chapter 13: Black Gold

Chapter 13 introduces inking with brush, another classic tool for inking comics. more

Teacher’s guide chapter 13: Black Gold

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13.1 The liquid line Supplement reading this section with a demo if possible, as well as more examples of brush art from your own collection. 13.2 Softening the black The point of this section is to underscore that brush (and pen for that matter) are not just used for line and solid black but for Read More more