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Matt Madden

Guest bloggers/collaborators:

Hilary Allison
JP Kim
Lior Zaltzman
Jarod Roselló
Mari Ahokoivu

Student artists for the DWWP1 book guide:

We would like to thank our former students who have kindly allowed us to use their work on this site. Below is a list of their names as well as some links to their personal sites so you can see what they are working on now. (contributors, please send us new or updated links if we don’t have them posted yet!)

Shannon Alexander
Megan Baehr
Lilli Carré
Beryl Chung
Louis DiStefano
Pascal Dizin
Nate Doyle
Eamon Espey
Hilary Florido
Miriam Gibson
Sam Holleran
Nina Isaacson
Karin Kross
Erik Kuntz,,
Eun Jee Lee
David Luján
Claude Martins
Matt & Jessica’s SVA Storytelling class, 2005-2008
Veronica Meewes
Sarena Melchert
Anna Moriarty Lev
Kat Morris
Ella Morton
Dino Pai
Chari Pere
Lia Powers
Siobhan Renfroe
Lydia Roberts
Jung Yeon Roh
Roy Schwartz
Chris Sinderson
Nick Sumida
Gabriel Tick
Dale Wallain