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Student guide chapter 13: Black Gold

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Chapter 13 introduces inking with brush, another classic tool for inking comics.

Prep guide

Questions to ask yourself

  1. Can you identify a drawing made with ink and brush?
  2. How can you tell?
  3. What do you like or dislike about the brush drawing you've seen

Supplies you will need

  • inking tools plus round watercolor brush for drawing,
  • bristol board
  • light box or tracing vellum
  • penciling tools

Optional but recommended

Nothing extra this time


Ink a panel in brush

The goal here is to experiment with different brush styles on the same drawing. That way you can clearly see subtle differences from one approach to another. This is even more true when you're comparing your own inking to a classmate's inking of your drawing. Click for student pencils for you to print out and use to practice inking (All 8 panels at High-res). Individual Panels are located under the More Resources Tab.

Finish pencils of your six-page story and begin inking

Perhaps the most important step in at this stage is to remember to ink your lettering before you ink any of your drawings, even if you are itching to start inking! Pencils, with notes,  for "Arid Ignition". See Chapter 10 for thumbs, and Chapter 14 for inks.

Line for line II

See “Further reading” in Chapter 8.

High Rez Blue Pencil Panels

Practice your inking and brushwork on these blue pencils from former students All High-res