About our textbooks

Drawing Words & Writing Pictures

The textbook Drawing Words & Writing Pictures lays out systematic course teaching the alchemical art of combining words and pictures to make comics. In it, authors Jessica Abel and Matt Madden have laid out a complete, structured syllabus that guides students from creating narrative within a single drawing to orchestrating all the skills involved in creating a multi-page, complex story.

  • learn to exploit word-image juxtaposition
  • explore panel transitions
  • overcome penciling obstacles
  • master the fundamentals of story structure
  • lay out comics pages clearly and quickly
  • apply principles of composition to your work
  • letter dialogue and narration and design titles
  • create compelling characters
  • learn to ink with a brush and a nib pen
  • develop convincing visual environments

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You can find out more about Drawing Words and Writing Pictures by going to the Drawing Words & Writing Pictures Page.

Mastering Comics

Mastering Comics, the companion book to Drawing Words and Writing Pictures, came out in May 2012. Like the first volume, it weaves together a number of inter-related streams. These include:

  • creating and developing stories
  • coloring, both by hand and using the computer
  • expanding your inking palette–incuding digital inking
  • perspective basics: both linear perspective and other systems
  • reviewing topics and techniques from volume one and taking them deeper
  • making and publishing webcomics
  • getting your work published, from agents to promotions

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You can find out more about Mastering Comics by going to the Mastering Comics Page.