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Guest post: A five-week comics unit for teens

Jess Worby shares his lesson plan for a five-week comics unit he taught to teens in a studio art class at LOMA, a public art high school on Manhattan’s Lower East Side in spring 2014. more

Best American Comics: the Notable Comics of 2013

Our annual list of Notable comics from the Best American Comics, with links! more

Best American Comics 2013 Table of Contents

Every year, we get requests from teachers wanting to know what will be in the new Best American Comics before it comes out, so as to plan their classes. Herewith, therefore, is the table of contents of the next Best American Comics, edited by Jeff Smith, and with a fantastic cover by Kate Beaton, and out in September of this year. more

Mastering Comics is up for an Eisner award

Mastering Comics is nominated for an Eisner award in the “Best Comics-Related Book” category. If you are involved professionally in the comics world, as a creator, a retailer, a writer, or a publisher, you are eligible to vote in the Eisners, and we ask for your support. more

Teaching Comics to teens week 2 day 5: Yellow Fever

Derek Mainhart lays down the comics history for his students, and gets them to draw their own, updated Yellow Kids! more

Combined index to Mastering Comics and DWWP

We’ve posted a complete index to Mastering Comics and Drawing Words &Writing Pictures, for those who might want to find out if the books address questions they’re interested in, or to check if they were mentioned! more

Teaching Comics to teens week 2 day 4: Basic Character Design

Now that your students are approaching the final version of their Gag Cartoon, it’s time for some more drawing lessons. Nothing terribly complex, but these simple concepts can make all the difference in the work of a neophyte cartoonist, both in visual appeal and readability. more

Best American Comics: the Notable Comics of 2012 (and a giveaway)

A complete list with links of the Notable Comics 2012 from the Best American Comics, and a giveaway of some of those very books! Comment to enter the drawing. more

Teaching Comics to Teens week 2 day 3: How Not To Be Funny

So after spending yesterday helping my students struggle with their nascent, shaky ideas, revising, reworking and shaping them according to the fundamentals that make gag cartoons work, what do I do? Introduce Anti-Gag Cartoons of course! Keep ‘em off balance, that’s what I say! more

Giveaway: Best American Comics 2011, signed by cartoonists and Alison Bechdel

Matt and Jessica are giving away signed copies of the Best American Comics 2011. more