How To Use


If you are a student, you might be taking a studio class or workshop in making comics, or you might be working your way through one of our books on your own as a Ronin, or you might be learning how to make comics with a group of peers.

We have a lot of resources here for you on the site, some tied to the books, of course, but also lots of extra activities, tutorials, and miscellaneous goodies.

First and foremost you should take a look at the chapter-by-chapter student guides to Drawing Words & Writing Pictures and Mastering Comics, wherein you’ll find tips for preparing for each chapter, some links and downloads, as well as examples of other students’ work on many activities from the books with comments and suggestions from Matt & Jessica.

Our YouTube page has a number of how-to videos we have made as well as videos by other artists that we have curated for you. There are also some interviews and videos of people at work.

Be sure to visit our Facebook  page to keep up with news about the site as well as our visits to comicons, schools, and other institutions.

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