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Drawing comics live demo: report

At a recent conference at the University of Iowa, I drew a six-panel comic in front of six 25-minute sessions of middle- and high-school kids, one panel at a time. It was a chance to talk naturally about the order of work, the materials needed, and to show all the behind-the-scenes action. more

Student guide chapter 6: Getting on the Same Page

Chapter 6 looks at the page as a unit in comics, both in the context of a book and as a stand-alone form. In this section you’ll find student examples of the homework. more

Teacher’s guide chapter 6: Getting on the Same Page

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6.1: Elbow room Bring in some favorite comics pages of yours or have your students bring in pages they think have interesting layouts. Use tracing paper (or a colored pencil in Photoshop) to highlight reading paths, underlying grids, and so on. Reading Order This is a minor point in the grand scheme of things, but Read More more