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Student guide chapter 6: Getting on the Same Page

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Chapter 6 looks at the page as a unit in comics, both in the context of a book and as a stand-alone form.

In this section you’ll find student examples of the homework.

Prep guide

Questions to ask yourself

  1. What comics have you seen that take place entirely on one page?
  2. What kinds of stories can utilize a single page format well?
  3. Think about page design: what are some of the different approaches possible?
  4. Think about the size and shape of panels, and how that might have an effect on content.

Supplies you will need

  • sheet of bristol board (at least 14" x 17" in size)
  • clear plastic 18" ruler marked in 1/8" increments
  • drafting or Scotch tape
  • mechanical pencil

Optional but recommended

  • T-square
  • triangle
  • a rectangular table or a drawing board


Lay out your live area

"A month of Sundays" thumbnails

Whether you drew the Chip script or your own original story, the same principles apply: you are learning about visual storytelling and page design. Click on the links below to see examples of the homework by students with some comments from Matt and Jessica.

Comic book book report: Sunday page

Please see “Further reading” in Chapter 3, and: George Herriman, Krazy and Ignatz Dan Nadel, Art Out of Time: Unknown Comics Visionaries 1900–1969 E.C. Segar, Popeye Brian Walker, The Comics before 1945

There are no resources, yet!