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Guest post: My life with manga by Abby Denson

On the occasion of receiving the International Manga Award for my graphic novel, Dolltopia , this spring, I’ve been reflecting on my relationship with manga and Japan over the past fifteen years or so. I’ve been lucky enough to study in Tokyo as well as exhibit at conventions there, and am grateful to have had manga as an influence and inspiration for my own journey as a comics creator. more

Make a “foldy” minicomic

Here’s a cool activity where you make a little fold-out comic book out of a single sheet of paper. more

A collective minicomics workshop

Using the minicomics format I wrote about last week, groups can draw an 8-page comic on the spot, with the idea that each person’s story would form a part of a longer narrative. more

Days 3 & 4: Comic Kraze @ the Wolfsonian

This week’s main project: a one sheet micro-mini utilizing a real location in Miami Beach. We figured out the proportions for a 150% larger original size, and the students laid out 8 pages in their sketchbooks, and went out drawing with Caiphus in the afternoon. more

A simple minicomic format

I’ve done this mini at the end of a 3-hour workshop, and it provides some of the same satisfaction, and the same understanding of the issues involved in going to print, that a 16-page digest-sized mini would. When you’re working on your own, too, the ability to work more-or-less on the fly and have a nice little printed package when you’re done can be motivating and fun. more