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Book Group #2: “Lucille”, by Ludovic Debeurme

In the fall of 2011 we did a comics reading series at the Brooklyn Public Library. The third book we read and discussed was Lucille by Ludovic Debeurme. Here is a slightly edited transcript of our discussion that Sunday afternoon. more

Panels, pages, and balloons book club: a few notes on Lucille

This Saturday, November 19, we’ll be hosting another live book club meeting at the Central branch of the Brooklyn Public Library. This time we’ll be discussing the recently translated French comic Lucille, by Ludovic Debeurme. more

Guest post: Lior reports on Ludovic Debeurme’s SVA visit, April 2011

Ludovic Debeurme doesn’t have a script or an idea of the full storyline before he starts to work on a book. Rather, he starts with visuals and characters and allows for digressions.This way of work helps him to make connections that he otherwise wouldn’t have made. more