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Deleter: have you ever wondered?

Savvy comics artists have been using Deleter brand graphic white to correct their art for years. Despite the name, it’s a Japanese brand, very high density, easy to use, good coverage. Finding a good graphic white is tough: when you find a good one, you really feel some loyalty. Deleter has earned ours. more

Video: Making corrections

Matt gave a quick demo on making corrections by hand while at the Huntington Museum. He runs over several standard steps of correcting a page, and also touches on subtractive drawing and pasting down corrections on new paper. more

Student guide chapter 8: Inking the Deal

Chapter 8 introduces nib pens, the classic tool for inking comics. more

Teacher’s guide chapter 8: Inking the Deal

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General note: this is a chapter with two essays on related topics: inking with a pen and making corrections on art. 8.1 Inking with a nib pen A demo of different kinds of nibs is the best supplement to this essay. You can have the students do a warm-up activity based on the practice line Read More more