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Crowdsourcing: build a better comics classroom

If you were starting a comics studio program from scratch (and with a decent budget!), what would be the optimal comics studio set-up for your students? more

A Modest Proposal: a wiki for all comics education?

Here’s an idea: What about creating a wiki where comics educators could create and update listings on what they have to offer? And of course, being a wiki, students and former students could add information on their experiences? If you’re experienced in creating wikis, and interested in comics education, we need your help! more

Finland report part 3: Helsinki and studying comics in Europe

Somehow, all the times I’ve been in Europe for the sake of comics, and all the times I’ve tried to talk my students into traveling and getting involved in the international comics scene, it never occurred to me to talk to students about studying abroad. more

Finland report part 2: International comics degree programs

On day two of the conference, four comics teachers (including me) presented their programs and approaches. I’m a relatively veteran comics teacher. I’ve been teaching regularly since 2001 (and started in 1998), full year courses, workshops, seminars, you name it. So what was most striking to me about these presentations was how distinct each approach was. There’s a part of me that believed, until then, that there was a narrow band of ways to approach teaching comics well (and obviously a lot of ways to do it badly). Clearly, I was quite wrong. more

Finland report part 1: Nordic comics schools and Scott McCloud

Recently, I was a guest at a comics teaching conference in Finland. As far as I know, it was the very first of its kind; attendees and presenters all taught not reading comics, but making comics. I’ve never had the chance before to compare teaching methods and philosophies with such a diverse (and large) group of peers. It was eye-opening (and I wish there had been some such conference before I finished DWWP!). It was so full of valuable information, in fact, that I’m going to divide this report into several parts, and run the next parts over the next week. more