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Adapting to prose, adapting to comics

While I’m pretty decent at writing comics, when I started out writing prose fiction I had no idea what I was doing. Not only that, I didn’t particularly like doing it. On the other hand, I’ve had a number of students in comics classes who are prose writers first, and they all tend to hit certain sticking points. So here are a few observations about turning from comics to prose or vice versa. more

Days 1 & 2: Comic Kraze at the Wolfsonian

Yesterday (Monday) after introductions, we plunged right into jam comics (the final work is on the class blog). Thirteen pages of comics in 45 minutes! Awesome! Now everyone is a cartoonist. more

Student guide chapter 2: Every Picture Tells a Story

Chapter 2 uses gag cartoons to show how image and text interact in comics. In this section you’ll find student gag cartoons for you to print out and add funny captions to. You’ll also find examples of the homework as well as a link to a gag cartoon contest. more

Teacher’s guide chapter 2: Every Picture Tells a Story

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2.1: Word and image You may want to do a version of this section as a lecture, drawing the apple (or other object of your choice) on a board. This will help you control the pace and development of the argument: that the further the text is pushed from the image, the more fruitful and Read More more