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Teaching comics to teens day 1: Using comics to tell your story

We inaugurate a fantastic new series by Derek Mainhart, who is setting out to write up an entire year’s curriculum for a comics class at the secondary level: middle school and high school. From what I’ve seen so far, it’s going to be entertaining, well-planned, and incredibly useful. more

Guest post: About teaching comics, part 3

Mari Ahokoivu is back with the much-anticipated third part of her visual essay on teaching comics. This time out: getting unstuck. more

Crowdsourcing: build a better comics classroom

If you were starting a comics studio program from scratch (and with a decent budget!), what would be the optimal comics studio set-up for your students? more

Guest post: About teaching comics, part 2

Mari Ahokoivu takes us through part 2 of her development as a cartoonist and a teacher of comics. more

Guest post: About teaching comics, part 1

Mari Ahokoivu featured on our blog a month or so ago with her wonderful direct drawing activity. Now she’s back as a (we hope) regular contributor with a look into to her history as a teacher and her teaching philosophy. When she asked, “Can I draw the post?” I knew we had a winner! Look for parts 2 and 3 in the next week or so. more

A quick report after NECAC 2011

If you were at the NECAC conference last weekend and are visiting this site for the first time: welcome, and please have a look around! more

Tic Tac Toe comics–a comics jam for two players

A jam comic for two players which could be a good warm-up exercise or time-filler in a comics class or workshop.. more

Guest post: How to make your own parachute while falling from the sky

I proposed a comics workshop to my university. I intend to teach students how to make comics and self-publish them, going from script to art to folding, stapling and selling their own comics. The only problem is, I’ve never done this before. more

Guest post: the expert comic book reader

My work focuses on the process of reading comic books, rather than on the readers. When I started down the path of focusing on reading, I encountered the false assumption that “anyone can read comic books.” Even people who did not consider themselves comic book readers thought they knew how. In teaching with comic books and graphic novels, I have found that I have had to teach many of my students the ins and outs of how to read comics. more

Guest post: teaching Shaun Tan’s The Arrival in a secondary school English class

I’m an English teacher from Cambridge, England. I work in an 11-18 comprehensive school, teaching students across the full age and ability range. Like most English teachers in the UK, almost all the reading I do with students in the classroom involves purely print-based texts. However, for a while I’ve been wanting to explore how teaching comics might work in an English classroom. more