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Crowdsourcing: build a better comics classroom

If you were starting a comics studio program from scratch (and with a decent budget!), what would be the optimal comics studio set-up for your students? more

Guest post: Lior reports on Ludovic Debeurme’s SVA visit, April 2011

Ludovic Debeurme doesn’t have a script or an idea of the full storyline before he starts to work on a book. Rather, he starts with visuals and characters and allows for digressions.This way of work helps him to make connections that he otherwise wouldn’t have made. more

Fresh Meat Reviews: Hilary’s picks

Hilary Allison’s picks from the SVA student comics fair Fresh Meat. more

Fresh Meat Reviews: JP’s picks

Some of you rightly wondered where the actual comics were in our wrap up of SVA student comics fair Fresh Meat. Well, here they are! Order them up! Hilary’s picks to follow pronto. more

Fresh Meat 2011: student comics at SVA

“I feel like a total dork for having missed it,” – Tom Hart. more

Activity: Improvised one-page comic using live models

This ambitious activity combines life drawing with cartooning by having students draw live models directly into narrative scenarios in sequeqnce on a single sheet of paper. A major goal is to see how the spontaneity and expressiveness of life drawing might be harnessed into the service of comics—comics teachers observe all the time students who don’t have the skills yet to draw from their head, or who are too caught up in a particular drawing style, yet when they draw a human figure from observation they can produce lovely, confident drawings. more

New Flickr set: pages from an experimental comics class

I just posted a whole bunch of weird and excellent comics done by School of Visual Arts cartooning majors over the last few years in a class of mine where I present them with a series of assignments based on creative rules or constraints. more

Comics in gallery exhibitions

Comics are a narrative medium, akin to prose, film, and video, not to painting and illustration. Comics are made to be read. When you put up a grid of 16 pages on a wall, some too high to see clearly (and certainly not comfortably), you thwart the basic nature of comics. When you excerpt five random pages out of a 250-page story (probably because they’re the ones with nice big illustration-ey splash panels), you make it impossible to really experience the work. more

October 2010 Twitter round-up

A weekly round-up of our tweets about comics and education. more

Weekly Twitter round-up for 2010-09-17

A weekly round-up of our tweets about comics and education. more