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Teaching Comics to teens week 2 day 4: Basic Character Design

Now that your students are approaching the final version of their Gag Cartoon, it’s time for some more drawing lessons. Nothing terribly complex, but these simple concepts can make all the difference in the work of a neophyte cartoonist, both in visual appeal and readability. more

Teaching comics to teens week 2 day 2: “The Horror!”

Early in Mastering Comics, Jessica Abel and Matt Madden discuss ‘the Horror of the Blank Page’ (Chapter 2). Every artist who has ever put pen to paper has felt it, and likely some of your students will be feeling it now. more

Teaching Comics to Teens Week 2 Day 1: Gag me with a ‘toon

In DWWP, Jessica Abel and Matt Madden begin with this basic unit of comic art—the single panel cartoon. This approach only makes sense, and I utilize it as well. more

A new course idea: the extended comics workshop

Over the last two years, Tom Hart and I have been offering an advanced comics seminar that I believe is a new and fruitful addition to comics education. A description and some reflections. more

Video: Making corrections

Matt gave a quick demo on making corrections by hand while at the Huntington Museum. He runs over several standard steps of correcting a page, and also touches on subtractive drawing and pasting down corrections on new paper. more

Links of the week

Here are a few cartoonist websites we’ve come across that may be of use to students and teachers of comics. There are a lot of great cartoonist websites out there but these ones (among others) lay bare some of the different ways that artists go about creating their work. more

2008 Portland workshop follow up

We didn’t have this blog back in 2008 when we taught an intensive workshop at the Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA), so we’re taking this opportunity to catch up with some students from that program. more