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Flickr: Jess and Matt report on the DNC2000

Digging through old photos is fun, but I also realized there are lots that have some comics, cartoonist, or comics scene relevance, so I decided to start posting them on our Flickr feed. I don’t expect the project to go quickly, but there’s a lot we’ll be doing over the next few months. Here’s the first set, from waaay back in 2000, when I was invited out to the DNC 2000 (in LA) by the LA Weekly to do a comic strip every day for their special “LA Weekly Daily”. more

Notables 2010: Josh Dysart and Ron Wimberly’s The Stain

This appears to be a non-fiction story, or at least it presents itself as such. Dysart and Wimberly, along with Scott Allie, are invited to the campus of Ohio University, where a former insane asylum has been converted into graduate art studios. In an upper floor, yet unconverted, an inmate died and left…a reminder. Dysart is eager to see what he assumes will be a grisly treat for a horror writer. But the story takes a nice turn for the humanistic when they get there. more