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Matt’s Comics Process II: The Inking Stage

This is the second of a two-part post where we walk you through the method Matt uses to make a typical comics page. more

Drawing comics live demo: report

At a recent conference at the University of Iowa, I drew a six-panel comic in front of six 25-minute sessions of middle- and high-school kids, one panel at a time. It was a chance to talk naturally about the order of work, the materials needed, and to show all the behind-the-scenes action. more

What the nib-holding industry doesn’t want you to know.

Hilary Allison came in one day beaming because she’d cracked the Nib-Holding Industrial Complex’s iron grip on her student budget, and I encouraged her to throw a post together about it for you, dear readers. This is what she came up with. more

Student Spotlight: Lisa Anchin

Hothouse student Lisa Anchin worked intensely this summer toward mastering the language of comics and visual clarity. The first run through of her thumbs felt slow and confusing, but Lisa showed total commitment to revision, as tough as it can be, and remade her story until it’s clear, compelling, downright exciting ride. I can’t wait to see what happens next! more

Student guide chapter 8: Inking the Deal

Chapter 8 introduces nib pens, the classic tool for inking comics. more

Teacher’s guide chapter 8: Inking the Deal

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General note: this is a chapter with two essays on related topics: inking with a pen and making corrections on art. 8.1 Inking with a nib pen A demo of different kinds of nibs is the best supplement to this essay. You can have the students do a warm-up activity based on the practice line Read More more