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How to Make Webcomics by Brad Guigar, et al.

What this book does, strikingly well, is it teaches you how to be a webcartoonist. From website design issues specific to comics, to personal branding, to dealing with fans (and making more of them) to preparing for conventions (checklists!) right down to setting up a shipping station for your merch, this is by far the most comprehensive, reasonable, serious guide to being a self-publisher that I’ve seen. more

Color in context

While looking for examples of full color comics that we might use in DWWP2, I discovered that what I often think of as great coloring has less to do with the approach to an individual panel than with its larger context: the page, the spread, the work as a whole. more

Getting all meta

I confused myself by masking a drawing of a masked drawing of someone inking using a toothbrush, and then inking it with a toothbrush… more