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Guest post: Paulo Patrício on character design

Comics are a character-driven medium, so if a character looks and acts exactly the same as all the others—superheroes wearing spandex, alternative types exuding negativity—then something is gravely wrong. Wrong and boring. As someone else put it: “we need to do violence to the cliché, create havoc with the tried, the tired and tested”. more

Student guide chapter 10: Getting into character

Chapter 10 discusses creating characters, thinking about their personalities, and designing them visually. more

Teacher’s guide chapter 10: Getting into Character

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10.1 Developing your character You’ll probably want to assign this essay as a homework assignment and use your class time to concentrate on the activity. Review the points of the essay by mentioning different well-known or fictional characters and asking students to decide which kind of character they are: archetypical, naturalistic, or intermediate. Have them Read More more