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Student Spotlight: Lisa Anchin

Hothouse student Lisa Anchin worked intensely this summer toward mastering the language of comics and visual clarity. The first run through of her thumbs felt slow and confusing, but Lisa showed total commitment to revision, as tough as it can be, and remade her story until it’s clear, compelling, downright exciting ride. I can’t wait to see what happens next! more

Student guide chapter 9: Structuring Story

Chapter 9 explains concepts of classic storytelling. more

Teacher’s guide chapter 9: Structuring Story

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9.1 The narrative arc/9.2 The elements of a narrative arc This is one chapter where you really should ask students to read the essay ahead of time. However, you know how unengaging and dull it can be to simply run over a reading saying “so, did you read X section? Any questions?” We suggest, instead, Read More more