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Notables 2010: Cloonan, Rugg, Seagle

American Virgin is one of a small group of books Vertigo puts out that really bends genres. It’s about a young charismatic Christian evangelist preacher who swears to remain faithful until he marries his fiancee…but then she’s killed. So he has to track down her killers, deal with a gender-bending pal, escape/reconcile with a nutty family of feuding fame-mad parents and rebellious step-sibs, and resist attraction to the opposite sex (while the ghost of his fiancee hovers overhead). What genre would you call that? I have no idea, but it’s a very entertaining read. more

Notables 2010: Becky Cloonan

A very creepy tale of sleep deprivation and madness (or is it?). Genuine shivers ran down my neck. more