Days 6 & 7: Comic Kraze @ the Wolfsonian

My last two days at the Wolfsonian weren’t the last days of the Comic Kraze workshop. It continued until last Friday, July 2. But Monday and Tuesday were action-packed, anyway. more

Day 5: Comic Kraze @ the Wolfsonian

We finally had enough work done that we started to get finished projects up on the blog! Most students finished their pictureless comics, scanned them, cleaned them up, and posted them. It’s a pretty great-looking bunch of pages, so check them out. more

Days 3 & 4: Comic Kraze @ the Wolfsonian

This week’s main project: a one sheet micro-mini utilizing a real location in Miami Beach. We figured out the proportions for a 150% larger original size, and the students laid out 8 pages in their sketchbooks, and went out drawing with Caiphus in the afternoon. more

Days 1 & 2: Comic Kraze at the Wolfsonian

Yesterday (Monday) after introductions, we plunged right into jam comics (the final work is on the class blog). Thirteen pages of comics in 45 minutes! Awesome! Now everyone is a cartoonist. more

Comic Kraze @ the Wolfsonian student blog

I’m down in Miami Beach teaching a comics course to 15 or so kids (final numbers not in!) at the Wolfsonian design museum. In the next few days, the class blog should start to have some posts by students of their work. As of the end of next week, finished comics! more

2-week workshop for teens: planning stages

I’m designing a whole new curriculum, which, though based on others I’ve done, still poses a lot of interesting new questions and problems. I thought I’d throw it out here as I go and see if anyone has any ideas about what I’m planning. I’ll continue to post updates as I develop this workshop, and I plan to blog it while in Miami Beach in late June. more