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Guest post: About teaching comics, part 3

Mari Ahokoivu is back with the much-anticipated third part of her visual essay on teaching comics. This time out: getting unstuck. more

Panels, pages, and balloons book club: a few notes on Ice Haven

Next Saturday, October 29, we’ll be hosting our second live book club meeting. This time, we’ll be discussing Ice Haven, by Daniel Clowes. more

“What Is a ‘Graphic Novel?'” slideshow

Librarians and comics educators, here’s a great and simple tool for introducing the basics of comics! We’ve put together a Powerpoint/PDF presentation of Jessica’s 2002 strip, “What is a ‘Graphic Novel?'”, also available as a PDF poster or handout. Feel free to use it, whether for a book club or in a classroom, or in any way you think up. more

Panels, pages, and balloons book club: a few notes on Fun Home

This afternoon, we’ll be hosting a live book club meeting on Fun Home, by Alison Bechdel. Our plan is to talk a little bit and show some slides at the beginning and show and then open up the floor for all of you to share your thoughts, questions and observations about Fun Home and reading Read More more

Let’s talk comics: Panels, Pages & Balloons: The Graphic Novel Book Club at the Brooklyn Public Library

This Saturday we will be inaugurating our new book club at the Brooklyn Public Library, Panels, Pages & Balloons: The Graphic Novel Book Club. It’ll be a great forum for discussing comics, especially if you’re new to the medium. more

Social Media for Young Cartoonists: Wrap-Up

Hoo boy. Social Media for Young Cartoonists. We kept it up for nine articles… and nine intense weeks of researching, experimenting, goal-setting, (goal-missing and goal-reaching), coding, uploading, updating, tweeting, commenting,and collaborating. Then what? more

Crowdsourcing: build a better comics classroom

If you were starting a comics studio program from scratch (and with a decent budget!), what would be the optimal comics studio set-up for your students? more

Comics like magic in five days

Incredibly action-packed 5-day comics workshop in the Twin Cities: a report and samples of student work. more

Social Media for Young Cartoonists, Week 9: Building a Persona

JP presents his three-part strategy for developing a persona while Hilary tries on “wisecracker” for size. Plus: a cliffhanger! more

Guest post: About teaching comics, part 2

Mari Ahokoivu takes us through part 2 of her development as a cartoonist and a teacher of comics. more