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Video: laying out a page

At my recent workshop at the Miami Wolfsonian Museum, I taught the students about live area, how to lay out a page, and how to hand-letter. This first batch of short videos discuss and demonstrate live area, original size, laying out a page, and laying out tiers. more

Student guide chapter 15: 24-Hour Comic

Chapter 15 closes out the book with a fun creative challenge: the 24-hour comic. more

Student guide chapter 14: Comics in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

Learn a straightforward scanning technique for high-quality line art, as well how to use the mysterious proportion wheel. more

Student guide chapter 13: Black Gold

Chapter 13 introduces inking with brush, another classic tool for inking comics. more

Student guide chapter 12: Constructing a World

Chapter 12 is a two-part chapter covering backgrounds and world-building as well as the basics of drawing hands and heads. more

Student guide chapter 11: Setting the Stage

Chapter 11 explores panel composition and also includes a tutorial on designing titles. more

Student guide chapter 10: Getting into character

Chapter 10 discusses creating characters, thinking about their personalities, and designing them visually. more

Student guide chapter 9: Structuring Story

Chapter 9 explains concepts of classic storytelling. more

Student guide chapter 8: Inking the Deal

Chapter 8 introduces nib pens, the classic tool for inking comics. more

Student guide chapter 7: Lettering

Chapter 7 shows you how to letter your comics and argues for the importance of hand-lettering in comics. In this section you’ll find student examples of the activities and the homework. more