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Guest post: Nick Bertozzi talks process

Nick Bertozzi is an amazingly talented and prolific cartoonist, a teacher, and a good friend. I was thrilled when I saw this post about the process he used to make his new book Lewis & Clark over at the First Second blog, and asked if we could repost it here. If you’re in NYC, come celebrate the book release with Nick at Bergen Street Comics on Friday, Feb 25. Matt and I will be there, too! more

Deleter: have you ever wondered?

Savvy comics artists have been using Deleter brand graphic white to correct their art for years. Despite the name, it’s a Japanese brand, very high density, easy to use, good coverage. Finding a good graphic white is tough: when you find a good one, you really feel some loyalty. Deleter has earned ours. more

A holiday gift idea

Here’s a gift idea for you friends/relatives/encouragers/enablers out there: a beginning cartoonist’s starter kit! more

The New York Times online teaches drawing

James McMullan, a wonderful illustrator and poster designer who Matt calls the “guru” of figure drawing at SVA, launches a new 12-part series in the online version of the New York Times to encourage adults to return to their drawing roots. more

Student spotlight: Hilary Allison

Hilary is an undergrad at SVA in cartooning, entering her third year. She’s incredibly energetic and involved in her learning process any time of the year, but something clicked in her brain this summer, and Hilary committed herself to her work with an intensity I rarely see. more

Getting all meta

I confused myself by masking a drawing of a masked drawing of someone inking using a toothbrush, and then inking it with a toothbrush… more

Video: lettering

At my recent workshop at the Miami Wolfsonian Museum, I taught the students about live area, how to lay out a page, and how to hand-letter. This is the second batch of videos, on lettering. more

Video: laying out a page

At my recent workshop at the Miami Wolfsonian Museum, I taught the students about live area, how to lay out a page, and how to hand-letter. This first batch of short videos discuss and demonstrate live area, original size, laying out a page, and laying out tiers. more

Video: Making corrections

Matt gave a quick demo on making corrections by hand while at the Huntington Museum. He runs over several standard steps of correcting a page, and also touches on subtractive drawing and pasting down corrections on new paper. more

A simple minicomic format

I’ve done this mini at the end of a 3-hour workshop, and it provides some of the same satisfaction, and the same understanding of the issues involved in going to print, that a 16-page digest-sized mini would. When you’re working on your own, too, the ability to work more-or-less on the fly and have a nice little printed package when you’re done can be motivating and fun. more