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Matt’s Comics Process II: The Inking Stage

This is the second of a two-part post where we walk you through the method Matt uses to make a typical comics page. more

Social Media for Young Cartoonists: Wrap-Up

Hoo boy. Social Media for Young Cartoonists. We kept it up for nine articles… and nine intense weeks of researching, experimenting, goal-setting, (goal-missing and goal-reaching), coding, uploading, updating, tweeting, commenting,and collaborating. Then what? more

Social Media for Young Cartoonists, Week 9: Building a Persona

JP presents his three-part strategy for developing a persona while Hilary tries on “wisecracker” for size. Plus: a cliffhanger! more

Social Media for Young Cartoonists, Week 8: Backlogging and Pacing Content

Before you even start thinking of having any type of blog/web-comic, you should make sure you have at least 5-6 pieces ready to go before you launch. more

Social Media for Young Cartoonists: Week 7, traffic reports

JP: So last week I finally got around to uploading one of my comics online. A day went by, and I was curious to see how many people actually viewed my comic. 2,798 visits?! RESULTS! HUZZAH! more

Social Media For Young Cartoonists: Weeks 5-6: Collaborating and Counting, Part I: Offline

The social media project takes a turn for scary-real-world as Hilary and JP learn about collaborating. Part one of two… more

Guest post: My life with manga by Abby Denson

On the occasion of receiving the International Manga Award for my graphic novel, Dolltopia , this spring, I’ve been reflecting on my relationship with manga and Japan over the past fifteen years or so. I’ve been lucky enough to study in Tokyo as well as exhibit at conventions there, and am grateful to have had manga as an influence and inspiration for my own journey as a comics creator. more

Artists’ advice meta-post

It happens that there have been several popular blog posts floating around that offer different kinds of advice to cartoonists, students, and creative people of all stripes. Here are links to a few of them in case you missed them on Twitter, Facebook, or wherever else people share things these days! more

Social Media for Young Cartoonists: Week 4: Building with Tumblr

This week, Hilary explains how she set up her Tumblr site and she and JP discuss the pros and cons of Tumlbr as a platform. more

Video: Howard Chaykin on teaching Marvel “bootcamp” workshop

I had the pleasure of meeting Howard Chaykin last week in Minnesota for the MCBA’s SpringCon. I was particularly interested to hear that he’s been teaching in an unexpected venue: the Marvel Bullpen. He and Klaus Jansen spend 3 days every 6 months in the Marvel offices giving what-for to 5 artists under contract with Marvel. more