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Best American Comics: the Notable Comics of 2011

This week we are going to give away a set of about 25 mincomics and self-published books that were featured in the Best American Comics 2011 List of Notable Comics! Just comment on this post between now and Friday December 9 at 5 pm, and you will be entered in a drawing to win the pile. more

Drawing comics live demo: report

At a recent conference at the University of Iowa, I drew a six-panel comic in front of six 25-minute sessions of middle- and high-school kids, one panel at a time. It was a chance to talk naturally about the order of work, the materials needed, and to show all the behind-the-scenes action. more

Guest post: About teaching comics, part 3

Mari Ahokoivu is back with the much-anticipated third part of her visual essay on teaching comics. This time out: getting unstuck. more

“What Is a ‘Graphic Novel?'” slideshow

Librarians and comics educators, here’s a great and simple tool for introducing the basics of comics! We’ve put together a Powerpoint/PDF presentation of Jessica’s 2002 strip, “What is a ‘Graphic Novel?'”, also available as a PDF poster or handout. Feel free to use it, whether for a book club or in a classroom, or in any way you think up. more

Let’s talk comics: Panels, Pages & Balloons: The Graphic Novel Book Club at the Brooklyn Public Library

This Saturday we will be inaugurating our new book club at the Brooklyn Public Library, Panels, Pages & Balloons: The Graphic Novel Book Club. It’ll be a great forum for discussing comics, especially if you’re new to the medium. more

Social Media for Young Cartoonists: Wrap-Up

Hoo boy. Social Media for Young Cartoonists. We kept it up for nine articles… and nine intense weeks of researching, experimenting, goal-setting, (goal-missing and goal-reaching), coding, uploading, updating, tweeting, commenting,and collaborating. Then what? more

Comics like magic in five days

Incredibly action-packed 5-day comics workshop in the Twin Cities: a report and samples of student work. more

Social Media for Young Cartoonists, Week 9: Building a Persona

JP presents his three-part strategy for developing a persona while Hilary tries on “wisecracker” for size. Plus: a cliffhanger! more

Guest post: About teaching comics, part 2

Mari Ahokoivu takes us through part 2 of her development as a cartoonist and a teacher of comics. more