Lesson Plan & Syllabus Terminology

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March 11, 2010

Lecture/discussion. This is a section you’ll want to present verbally to your class, and allow for questions and answers.

Review. This is a quick verbal overview of an idea by you.

Lecture/demo. In this case, you’ll want to have materials on hand to show students the technique in question. You may want to demo the technique and then walk students through it themselves as you circulate and make corrections.

Activity. This is a hands-on section where students should complete the work in class.

Homework. These sections are for students to take home and complete on their own, away from class.

Critique. Our approach to critique is generally to have students post their work on a wall and then lead an open discussion about it. We often will break down larger classes into small crit groups of 3-5, who discuss their work while the rest of the class continues to work on an activity.

A note on copying and scanning

We often take our students to our school’s copy center so that everyone can learn first-hand how to make copies and reductions of their work. Alternately, we have set up a scanner and laptop in class and demonstrated for students how to scan their art. We haven’t scheduled anything like this in these syllabi because it is so contingent upon your particular situation. However, we encourage you to make time to do some kind of demo or field trip on these topics with your students during the course of the class.


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