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Student guide chapter 15: 24-Hour Comic

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Chapter 15 closes out the book with a fun creative challenge: the 24-hour comic.

Prep guide

Questions to ask yourself

What comes into your mind when we say the phrase "24-hour comic?"

Supplies you will need

  • penciling tools
  • inking tools
  • office paper
  • bristol board
  • 24 consecutive hours

Optional but recommended

Nothing extra this time


24-hour comic (or 3-hour comic)

To make your 24-hour comic even more of an event, coordinate it with the national 24-hour comics day. Look at to find the date in the current year, usually in April. Click below to check out some 3-hour comics by students. Note how students worked within the limited time; in most cases, even those students who normally use nib pens used a brush for speed. Often, backgrounds were minimized or dropped. The drawing sometimes has a dashed-off quality, which, however, can be really lovely, not just messy-looking. Despite the pressures of working fast, these students were able to tell fairly complete, satisfying stories. Enjoy them!

There are no Homework assignments for this chapter Various, 24-Hour Comics, 24-Hour Comics All-Stars, and others (a series of collections of 24-hour comics) Esther Pearl Watson and Mark Todd, Whatcha Mean, What’s a Zine?

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