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Student guide chapter 14: Comics in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

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Learn a straightforward scanning technique for high-quality line art, as well how to use the mysterious proportion wheel.

Prep guide

Questions to ask yourself

  1. What do you know about how comics go from an original page to printed books?
  2. Why do we talk about reproduction so much?

Supplies you will need

  • a scanner and a computer equipped with Photoshop
  • black line art to scan (such as your homework)
  • a proportion wheel
  • scrap paper

Optional but recommended

Nothing extra this time


Try the proportion wheel

Yes, the answers are right here at the link but make sure you figure them out and write them down before you check yourself! Click here to check your answers

Finish inking, make corrections, and reproduce your six-page comic

After you finish your comic you'll want to shrink it and copy it to see what it will look like in a book. This is a hands-on opportunity to practice scanning (and maybe using the proportion wheel you just mastered!) but you can also make photocopies (for which the proportion wheel will also be useful). Inks, with notes, for "Arid Ignition." See Chapter 10 for thumbs, and Chapter 13 for pencils.
Ron Regé Jr., Dave Choe, Brian Ralph, and Jordan Crane, Re: A Guide to Reproduction. Available as a free download on  Scroll down to the bottom of the page.  This little booklet is a fantastic guide to photocopying, screenprinting, and offset printing in a very DIY mode.

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