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Syllabus: 5-day intensive DWWP class

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This is a syllabus for a five-day intensive workshop that could meet for six hours a day over the course of a week or, alternately, over the course of five weeks. It would be too much to try and get through a multiple-page story in that time, so the focus here is on learning the Read More more

Syllabus: 10-week DWWP class

This syllabus could easily be used for a 12-week class as well. It would probably be enough to add a few extra work days, but you could also add back in some of the lessons we cut here, such as 5.2, “Figuring out the figure 1” and 12.2, “Figuring out the figure 2,” more

Lesson Plan & Syllabus Terminology

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How specifically we use common terms like “homework.” more